Rachel Sully, Digital Health and Care Wales
Rachel Sully
NHS Wales e-Library and Knowledge Service Manager
Digital Health and Care Wales

I began my library career at the Imperial War Museum where I digitised First World War Trench Journals and cared for the historical journal collections. I made the move to health librarianship in 2013 working for the Royal College of Nursing.

Since 2017, I have worked at the NHS Wales e-Library, firstly as Librarian Specialist and now as e-Library and Knowledge Services Manager. I am responsible for the strategic direction of the e-Library such as development of services, procurement of resources and engagement with strategic partners and stakeholders. Key successes since joining the team include securing funding in 2018 of £10 million over three years to procure new e-resources and support learning, research and development in NHS Wales and extending access to 10,000 Registered Social Workers and Social Care Workers employed by Local Authorities in Wales and private, third sector, independent or self-employed Registered Social Workers and Social Care Managers in 2023. I’m looking forward to taking you on our journey to provide access to evidence-based information for Social Care in Wales; from its original conception through to licencing, funding, user testing, establishing workflows for access and our evaluation after one year of access including use, benefit, and impact.