Shampa Sen, King's College Hospital Foundation Trust
Shampa Sen
Clinical Support Librarian
King's College Hospital Foundation Trust

Shampa is an information management professional with 12+ years of diverse experience across academic, health and public library environments. She also brings in differentiated learnings working across three contrasting geographies. In her current role, her focus is balanced between information provision, research support and end user training.

Shampa is passionate about maximising the impact and value of NHS library services. She works closely with clinical teams in leveraging evidence-based learning and embedding research evidence into regular practices to improve patient care. She designs, delivers and evaluates targeted training programs for healthcare professionals aiding the same.

Shampa is a strong advocate for effective marketing and promotion of library services. She is adept at curating creative and engaging promotions leveraging modern technology aids.

She is convinced that next-gen technologies are fundamentally transforming the knowledge industry and is excited to apply them in day-to-day practices. You will experience a short glimpse of that during her lightning session, as she touches upon how Generative AI can transform your library promotions.

Beyond professional trajectory, Shampa enjoys gardening and embroidery, loves travelling the world and has an apt sense of fashion.