Leorita Joseph Henry, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust
Leorita Joseph Henry
Knowledge and Library Specialist
Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Leo is a self-motivated and passionate information specialist with over 25 years’ experience in information provision, ICT development and end-user training, ranging from:

  • health and medical information within the NHS (2019-current)
  • business & market research at London City Business Library (2018-2019) general
  • business, statistics, government and other various subject matter in Cambridgeshire County Council Public Library (2006-2015) stem cells and genetics at the Public Health Genetics Unit in Cambridge (2005-2006)
  • drug discovery and development area at UCB Pharma Ltd, a UK based biopharmaceutical company (1998-2004)

Currently employed by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Leo's career in the NHS commenced at King’s College NHS Hospital in 2019, where she brought her extensive technical expertise and accomplishments from prior roles.

Leo has always been a strong advocate for marketing and promotion of knowledge and library services – with a particular focus on digital resources. Her marketing experience at Cambridge University Press (2015-2017) only enhanced her skill in raising awareness of evidence-based information tools available to healthcare professionals, a passion reflected in her successful promotional initiatives resulting in increased OpenAthens membership, BMJBP usage, staff training, and online resource utilisation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Leo enjoys dancing, cooking, martial art, and fostering community ties within the Malaysian Borneo community in the UK.